Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

OK people if you have never eaten at an authentic Brazilian steakhouse now is the time. I went to Chima a few nights ago and omg it was a spectacular experience the ambiance, the food, the service it was all incredible. I have to say that this is one of the best dinning experiences I’ve ever had. if you are not familiar with Brazilian steakhouses (like i was before i went) let me give you the run down on how it works they have like a salad bar with all types of different salads from chicken potato salad to traditional Cesar salads. now for the best part you get these little circle things that orange on one side and black on the other you flip the circle to the orange side and these guys just bring you all types of meat (no homo) everything from prime rib & flank steak to lamb chops and sausage and it all taste wonderful. they are actually running a promotion next week Monday thru Thursday…….. dig this its free yes man free the way it works is as follows this restaurant only has one price 49.95 per person and you get the works what they do is give you the main course free you pay tax, tip, drinks, and dessert my lady and i went there and out tab was $131.07  we only had to pay $51.85 and that’s because we had drinks( that were $12 each 2 of those so you minus that and you looking at $27.85) trust me you will enjoy the food it is so good. Now i’m gonna put you up on a Lil thing i call game fellas lets say you recently met this chick and you want to empress her and your pockets are Lil slim that week. Duh take her out for a fantastic meal i mean do it big order drinks and all check out the math

2 drinks $24

2 meals $99.99

Tax           $9.92

18% tip      $24.10

total             $158.01  (that’s a lot of money for someone you just met) 

what you pay is roughly $58.39 and you took her to a really nice spot for a really nice meal there by doubling your chances of a second date (and if she doesn’t hit you back fuck it, it was only 60 bucks) 

Call the restaurant and ask about the promotion they have for next week Monday through Thursday 

enjoy 🙂


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