Complaints of rising gas prices as Ike hits

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Bush Saturday said officials will ensure gasoline stations don’t gouge customers after Hurricane Ike, but with some prices near $5 a gallon, some consumers were not so sure. Regular gasoline was at $4.99 per gallon Saturday in Knoxville, Tennessee, iReporter Sean Kennedy says. Dozens of users complained of rising gasoline prices Friday and Saturday. Sean Kennedy, of Knoxville, Tennessee, took a photo of a Knoxville station displaying a $4.99 per gallon price for regular gasoline on Saturday. The previous day, he said, he had bought regular gas at the station for $3.59 a gallon.”I know the hurricane is causing a spike, but … [nearly] $1.50 in 24 hours?” Kennedy said. Other stations in the area, he said, were offering prices at or near $4.99 on Saturday.

Yo this gas ordeal is getting out of hand like wow are you serious i was out yesterday as a matter of fact last night around 11:30 and gas was right at $3.59 a gallon i wake this morning to take my daughter to Kangazoom (by the way its a cool spot for kids) i see $4.69 wtf is up with that the government has to step up and do something about this for real or better yet we do people need to not buy gas for a weekend like a straight gas boycott i know its sounds far fetched cause some of you have jobs that require you to be there on the weekends but for those of you that don’t you should stay home from friday night to sunday night and don’t buy anything and lets see what happens one voice is just that one voice but millions of voices together on the same accord is change……………….


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