2 caught in airport drug sting get prison terms



Two people who worked at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport were sentenced to prison Wednesday for their roles in a sham drug smuggling ring. Former Delta employee Leslie Adgar of Decatur and former Transportation Security Administration worker Jon Patton of Lawrenceville were each sentenced to 10 years behind bars with five years of supervised release. They pleaded guilty back in June. “Patton and Adgar used their TSA and airline positions to smuggle what they believed to be cocaine and heroin through security at our airport,” said U.S. Attorney David E. Nahmias, whose office prosecuted the case. The sting operation dates back to December 2007, when a Drug Enforcement Administration source brokered a deal with Patton to transport two kilograms of cocaine through Hartsfield-Jackson en route to New York. A second TSA employee, Andre Mays of Atlanta, was enlisted to help get a carry-on bag filled with fake cocaine past screeners. Mays was sentenced to 30 months’ probation Wednesday for his role in the scheme after prosecutors determined he thought the bag contained cash, not drugs. After successfully navigating the luggage past their fellow security officers, Patton handed the bag off to Adgar. Prosecutors say she boarded a fight to LaGuardia Airport, where she met with the DEA source and was paid the remainder of the agreed-upon $8,000 smuggling fee. The trio was implicated in two similar stings — one involving fake heroin — conducted in January and February of this year. Adgar was arrested at LaGuardia Feb. 15 carrying what she thought was three kilograms of coke. Patton and Mays were detained soon after. “We hold our officers to the highest standards and worked aggressively with law enforcement and our federal partners to pursue this case,” said David Holmes, an administrator with the TSA’s Office of Inspection in Arlington, Va.


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